IBM posters and Ads

IBM’s Think campaign has won Gold at the London International Awards, following on from the Gold Design Lion at Cannes Lions 2012, Bronze Pencil in the One Show Design 2012 Awards, and Silver in Clio Awards 2012. As a part of their centennial celebration, IBM created a public exhibit at New York’s Lincoln Center called THINK— an innovative exhibition which combined art,  science, and technology. The event challenged people to do one thing: Think. Ogilvy decided the best way to drive foot traffic was the humble poster. To promote this extraordinarily high-tech event, they employed a low-tech solution that hearkened back to IBM’s storied design roots. The brief was sent out to the entire agency network. Over 200 submissions were received from offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, London, and Brazil. Eighteen were chosen to appear throughout Manhattan— on bus shelters and subways, on trains and in wild postings —to spur New Yorkers to stop by and visit the exhibit.

IBM Think Posters



  • In the poster, it’s clearly shown a classic ink pen and a USB wire in between the slits.
  • They have combined the classic way of education with today’s modern invention in a very smart way to represent their idea of education that how we can gain knowledge combining both ways of learning.

  • In this poster, there are building blocks with arrows coming down to display the theme “Building bring down their own energy costs “.
  • It is related with energy saving which shows their concern for the environment and how buildings can be eco-friendly and less energy consuming.

  • In this particular poster, IBM has made a man with a car, and a  highway road.
  • The man seems to be watching something.
  • They are showing how advanced and useful technology is, as it’s becoming more energy and time-saving.


  • In this poster, they have combined a light bulb which represents “Thinking”, a global map representing the “World” and machinery representing “Technology”.
  • The poster displays how to make the world a better place with new thinking and technology.

  • In this poster, they have shown a suitcase and inside the handle, there is a house representing their new way of delivering services.

IBM Think Poster

  •  In this poster, they are showing problem-solving method in a flow chart which is very understanding and clear to its viewers.
  • Explaining how to find the solution through logical thinking and analysis. 

IBM Think Poster

  • This poster represents with the example of a puzzle game, emphasizing the power of thinking in a smart way.

IBM Think Poster

  • In this poster, they have shown the power of the mind to solve any problem no matter how complex it gets.
  • Just like making a way out of a  maze to reach one’s destination.



Realize the potential of the cognitive era with Watson IoT



Key Notes

  • All of the above posters are very creative and smart.
  • They have used very creative methods for representing their theme “Think”.
  • They have also shown how their products can be more innovative and eco-friendly.
  • They are more emphasizing to open one’s  mind and think productively and creatively to find solutions in everyday life.
  • As the posters are very unique and have a combination of many ideas which are inter-connected, I am planning to create a poster in a similar way.
  • The colors are not very bright and give’s a very soft and neutral effect so I am going to make sure that the colors which I will use would be ordinary and simple.
  • The human ability to “Think” is a gift which can bring far greater results, if used in a proper and efficient way, so my poster will clearly represent the concept of “Think”.



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